1.   I was a flight attendant for what was the number one airline in the world at the time. (ooohhhh so many crazy and unbelievable stories I can tell about that one)!

2.  I had my own pony named Tina when I was 10 years old.  She lived right in my own backyard.  I rode her in parades and showed her in western riding horse shows.   Yes, I was a member of the 4H Club, do they even still exist?  It was so much fun!

3.  I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years.  Whaaat?  How did that happen when I am only 29?

4.  I got the chicken pox when I was in my twenties.  No fun at any age but two weeks before your sister's wedding, definitely not a good time! 

5.  My oldest son, Zack, is an Amazon best selling author.  Mom Brag!!

6.  Cher is my jam!  I love her style, her attitude, and her voice!  I love that she is so authentic and doesn't apologize for it! I have seen her in concert too many times to count.

7.   My husband and I used to breed Newfoundlands, you know those gentle giants that look like bears. Hope (our female newfy) had her first litter of 14 puppies the night we brought our newborn son home from the hospital.  It was a wild ride! Oh, and the next night I went to a Cher concert, of course!

8.    I worked at Disney World and the Kentucky Derby!  Some of the best days of my life.

9.    I attended CoachU and was trained by the amazing Thomas Leonard.  (He was one of the original life coaches)